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Hunter Biden Reportedly Hired Ex-Chinese Government Researcher as Personal Secretary

•, by Sputnik

President Joe Biden insists that he never discussed Hunter's business dealings with foreigners with his son, despite media reports suggesting otherwise.

Hunter Biden hired Chinese government researcher JiaQi Bao as he was launching his cooperation with the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, a book by Peter Schweizer titled "Red Handed" claims, citing the emails leaked from the alleged laptop of the president's son. Bao reportedly became Biden's secretary at the same time as he started working with CEFC's Secretary General Patrick Ho in 2017 – a Chinese businessman believed to have had connections in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In the past, Bao worked as a research assistant at the state-controlled Chinese National Development and Reform Commission. She later worked for the OneGate Capital investment firm also alleged to have ties to the CPP, Schweizer claims in his book.

Over time, Biden and his new secretary developed close relations, with the president's son consulting her on a whole array of questions, ranging from "energy deals to his father's presidential campaign", Schweizer said in his book, citing insights from the emails.

Hunter Biden's Deals With Chinese Businesses

The emails cited in the book come from hard drive data extracted from a laptop that was allegedly dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware by Hunter Biden and never recovered. The owner of the shop eventually handed over the hard drive to the FBI and a copy of it ended up in the hands of the press.

The laptop (later dubbed a "laptop from hell") data leak led to a series of damning articles in the media (despite being largely ignored by mainstream editions) exposing the alleged questionable business dealings of Hunter Biden. It shed light on a purported agreement with CEFC that promised Biden several million dollars per year for "introductions" in high circles alone.

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