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Corporate Media And Big Tech Align Against #FreedomConvoy

• by Mark Jeftovic

As the pandemic's grip on society is clearly waning, governments at various levels and locales seem to be sorting themselves into two buckets:

End all emergency measures and learn to live with COVID

Cling to emergency powers and up the ante

Canada is vast country that is run primarily by left-wing liberals who select their PMs from political dynasties in Quebec and who couldn't pull it off without the support of urban Toronto (the 416).

The corporate media in Canada is largely homogenous, liberal and unabashedly globalist. To them, anything outside of Toronto or Ottawa is "flyover country". Anything that happens there doesn't matter unless it's some issue that can wrapped within a narrative of victimhood to shame the populace into believing their country is a structurally racist, carbon spewing abomination.

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