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The End of America (Part 1)

•, By Dave Hodges

However, the control of America is the goal and Big Tech says you may naot say anything against masks, vaccines, mandates and the criminals that enforce the rules that violate the Nuremburg code. 

The former Soviet Union gave us many defectors and they warned us that their leaders had infiltrated many of our institutions and were perverting their purpose in order to poison the minds of America and turn the youth of America against the nation, their community and even their parents through evil programs such as Critical Race Theory where all Whites are racists and irreversibly evil...

This plan has been largely confiscated by by the Chinese who now own or control the media, Hollywood, most of Congress, the Biden crime family, the Pentagon, etc. How far away can social credit, Chinese-style, and genocide against societal undesirables? Not far away, at all! 

The following is abrief analysis of what has been learned about the pattern America will follow on the path to its demise and final resting place. But America isn't just going to end, it will, and already is, morphing into a new entity which will be complete divorced from its original founding principles and culture. Fortuntely, most you reading these words will not be around to see the final demise and takeover. With genocide looming, we should ask, how did it go so wrong?