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Klaus' Great Narrative: Locking The Plebs Into Plato's Cave For The 21st Century

•, by Matthew Ehret

In case you were beginning to feel like your world was becoming a cliché dystopian movie script, don't feel bad. It appears that at least some of the villains agree with you.

Not happy with unsatisfying stories, scripts and narratives that shape our disorganized zeitgeist, Klaus Schwab and other creepy dungeon masters trying to manage the post-covid world have called for a 'New Narrative' to shape our 21st century and beyond. Schwab described the World Economic Forum's Great Narrative Initiative announced on November 11 as a "collaborative effort of the world's leading thinkers to fashion longer-term perspectives and co-create a narrative that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future."

It is no question that this new project is bone chilling, but can it work? Does it have any basis in reality or is the oligarchical high priesthood stage managing this shit show intoxicated by their own self-induced narratives and completely incapable of seeing the seeds of self-destruction they have created for themselves?

Let's examine this question in a bit of detail.

As far back as we look, recorded history demonstrates myths and stories that shape each culture's subjective experience trying to make sense of the objective world and the many tenuous challenges that are tossed into our path.

Deep Structure Narratives

An ice age comes to an end and sea levels rise hundreds of feet drowning millions while wiping out coastal cities. As a consequence, flood myths appear across various cultures of the world.

Fires from the sky reflect terrible asteroids striking the earth wrecking havoc on ecosystems and perhaps even inducing volcanism and vast weather anomalies. As a consequence, more myths are created featuring heroes, villains, angels and Gods punishing sinners and rewarding those with virtue.