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One rule for us, Maxine? Rep. Waters flouted mask regulations for at least an hour...


US Rep. Maxine Waters was spotted without her mask on during a United Airlines flight - and a witness claims she kept it off for an entire hour - despite the mandatory mask regulations in place and the growing risk of COVID-19 as cases of the Omicron variant soar. 

Waters, a California Democrat, was pictured on a flight from Dulles Airport, in Virginia, to Los Angeles International without her mask on and even took a nap maskless, all while flight attendants supposedly nagged other passengers to wear their masks, the Daily Wire reported. 

'Attendants brought her fresh coffee while she was napping and didn't say a thing as three of them walked past and saw Maxine reading and then sleeping while she remained maskless,' the source who gave the Daily Wire the photo on Thursday said.  

The photo showed her next to a coffee cup although the witness claims her mask was off for closer to an hour. 

The source who took the photograph of Waters said she did so because she felt it was unfair for the United Airlines staff to hound her about keeping her mask on after she suffered a bloody nose while Waters was allowed to be maskless for so long. 

United Airlines and Water's office did not immediately respond to the Daily Mail's request for comment. 

Waters had heavily criticized then-President Donald Trump in 2020 for his refusal to wear masks and follow social distancing protocols at many events. 

She slammed the former president on Twitter as 'dangerous'  and called the refusal to wear masks part of 'Trump's failed leadership,' which she claimed was 'responsible for growing infections, death & surge in coronavirus cases.'