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You Can Play a Tyrant's Game - But You Still Lose

• Organic Prepper - Jeff Thompson

If there is one thing that history has shown us, it's that to play games with tyrants is to place yourself in a losing position. The house always wins, and you're playing against somebody who is more than willing to cheat with extra cards up his sleeves.

Consider that 'two weeks to flatten the curve' has now turned into Year 2.

At first, people were told to not wear masks. A woman in Virginia at the 50,000 strong gun rally in Richmond was actually arrested for wearing a mask in January 2020. Then, just a few short months later, the public was now being arrested for not wearing a mask.

The rules had changed

People began wearing masks – as had been decreed upon them – but masks with incorporated one-way valves were then deemed to be unsafe to the world around you. And so, for a brief period of time, the most popular N95 mask designs were banned, and pieces of cloth torn from old denim jeans were now used instead.

Serving staff in Maine went from being treated as human beings to essentially having dog cones placed around their necks.

Then, two masks at once were ordered to be worn.

Stay at home, we were told

People did so.

And afterward, we saw California have a year's worth of suicides in a single month, children have been packing psychiatry clinics, and the toll on mental health has been unprecedented – because human beings who have been created as social creatures were locked in solitary confinement on a planetary level.