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Big Pharma Owns The World

• by Bill Sardi

Big Pharma has the world by the tail, able to make an RNA vaccine for a variant viral strain overnight and put it on the market with no advertising, using public health officials "vaccinate or die" sales pitch, or the false Executive Order for a vaccine mandate, issued by paid-off politicians.

The well-publicized fear of dying of Covid-19 is countered by the fact 99% of the infected got well on their own. In fact, a report issued by Children's Health Defense indicates 81 research studies confirm natural immunity to Covid is "equal" or "superior" to vaccine immunity.

That Covid-19 is surging in the most vaccinated counties in the USA is good for business!  Sell the booster shots.  Invent a vaccine that doesn't prevent disease nor does it halt its spread, it just creates more reliance upon vaccines and booster shots for mutant strains that occur with greater frequency among the vaccinated.

Big Pharma has control of the news media and has paid off politicians.  The world is now Big Pharma's oyster.