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Who Writes the Laws?

• by Andrew P. Napolitan

On one side of this destruction are those whose opposition to vaccines finds comfort in the executive orders of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who purported to prohibit private businesses in Texas, from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 100 conglomerates, from requiring their employees to prove COVID-19 vaccinations in order to use the employer's private property.

On the other side of this chasm are supporters of President Joseph R. Biden, who announced last month that he plans to order the Department of Labor to compel all employers in America of 100 or more persons to require their employees to prove vaccination against COVID-19 on the employer's private property.

One edict prohibits behavior on private property. The other edict compels behavior on private property. Both violate liberty.

In neither case has the issuer of these edicts sought legislation to accomplish his goals.

Abbott wants to protect the employees' rights of conscience who reject vaccines, but he has done so by invading the sovereignty of private property and business judgement. The former allows the legal occupier of private property to decline to obey any regulation not properly enacted into law that tells him how to use his property. The latter allows the owner of a business to make business judgements free from government interference.