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Will The Holiday Season Be Ruined By The Global Supply Chain Crisis?

•, by Michael Snyder

Of course we should have never allowed any of our holidays to be defined by material goods in the first place.  I think that the fact that a "holiday season" can be "ruined" by a lack of goods on the shelves says an enormous amount about where we are as a society. 

And if we can't handle some limited shortages during the waning months of 2021, how in the world are we going to handle the severe economic pain that is coming in the future?

No holiday should ever be defined by material possessions, but the vast majority of the population sees things very differently than I do, and so the coming months are going to be a very difficult time for a lot of people.  The following comes from a CNN article entitled "How America Ruined Christmas"

The supply chain nightmare that's been plaguing the global economy for over a year is about to snarl the holiday shopping season. Think barren shelves, massive shipping delays, and no small amount of sticker shock. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Needless to say, these conditions are likely to cause millions of Americans to throw wild temper tantrums.

And many young kids will be getting very upset as well.

There simply is not going to be enough stuff to go around, and we are being told that supplies of toys will be particularly tight

"There is going to be a major shortage of toy products this year," MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian told CNN Business.

"The [shipping] container that cost $3,200 last year is now $22,000," Larian told the network, blaming Maersk and other shipping giants.

Jay Foreman, CEO of Basic Fun, told CNN: "You're going to find various times during the holiday season where the store shelves are going to have empty holes in them."

I know that a lot of you are probably quite horrified by this news, but we can survive just fine without enough toys.

Personally, I am far more concerned about the food shortages that we are starting to see around the nation.  One of my readers noticed that inventory levels are getting extremely low at the local Albertson's…

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