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Biden Administration Lost Track of 5,000 Migrant Children, Possibly Sold into Child Sex Trafficking

• by Gateway Pundit

The Biden administration eased the vetting process for sponsors because facilities were crowded. Sponsors no longer have to be fingerprinted to claim a child from border patrol custody. Almost anyone who who is not a known, violent felon and who claims to be a relative can claim a child. Critics are concerned that children are being trafficked for labor and sex. Last week, we reported the story of a Department of Homeland Security insider who blew the whistle on gangs on the Transnational Organized Crime watch lists who migrate to the US and receive protected status. The gangs are involved in child sex trafficking and are an extreme danger to unaccompanied migrant children. Six years ago, a Senate report showed that the Obama administration was caught placing tens of thousands of migrant children with traffickers. -GEG

Thousands of unaccompanied children who illegally crossed the border are now unaccounted for after being carelessly released by the Biden regime to poorly vetted sponsors.