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Watch: Biden Confronted On Allowing "Untested And Unvaccinated" Illegals Into US

•, by Steve Watson

After Biden made remarks about borders not being able to stop the pandemic, Doocy countered with a slam dunk.

"You just said there is no wall high enough and no ocean wide enough to protect us from the virus. So what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants cross the southern border into U.S. cities in record numbers?" Doocy asked Biden.

Of course, Biden had no real answer, claiming that he is still sending unvaccinated people back across the border, but adding "unaccompanied children is a different story. Because the most humane thing to do is to test them and to treat them and not send them back alone."

When Doocy attempted to follow up and obtain a real answer, the press gang shouted him down and drowned him out.