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The real life Snowpiercer! $350 MILLION palace on rails:


A new luxury train concept which features 1,300 feet of panoramic glass windows and sides that fold down to create occasional balconies has been revealed.

The brainchild of French designer Thierry Gaugain, the 'G Train' is envisaged as a $350 million 'palace on rails' that will elevate the railway travel experience itself.

Each of the 14 carriages will feature smart glass windows and ceilings, which can be turned from translucent to opaque at the flick of a switch to adjust the ambience.

Mr Gaugain has brought his concept to life in a series of exquisite computer-rendered 3D images showing both the outside and interior of the train's design.

With its dining car and arboretum, G Train resembles the upper-class carriages of the titular train in Bong Joon-ho's sci-fi movie, 'Snowpiercer', and its TV reboot.

In the film, based on four French graphic novels, the last survivors of humanity seek refuge on the constantly global-circumnavigating train following a climatic disaster.

Lower-class, 'tail end' passenger Curtis Everett (played by Chris Evans) leads a revolution that fights to the front of the train and its mysterious owner, Wilford.

Unfortunately for railway enthusiasts, the G Train will likely fall into similarly exclusive hands, with Mr Gaugain saying it is will made-to-measure for 'one unique owner'.

'It's not a public train, or a passenger train,' Mr Gaugain told CNN Travel

'The owner we envision is someone who is aware of the uniqueness of this train and understands that we are not just talking about transportation.#