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Jim Mellon predicts the end of animal and dairy farming

• Euronews

In an exclusive interview with Euronews, he talks about his aspirations for the future and gives some insight into his new book entitled 'Moo's Law: An investor's Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution'.

The end of traditional farming

To give us a bit of background to his new book and the 'New Agrarian Revolution', Mellon mentions the pandemic. "Where did that pandemic come from? Probably from food malpractice in the Far East. Where will the next pandemic come from? Probably food malpractice in the Far East". Mitigating future pandemics is one of the reasons he thinks that in the next ten years, "half of the world's meat will be plant-based" or from "cell-based agriculture where the meat is produced in laboratories".

He tells us that moving to plant-based solutions is also the way to make sure humans don't consume antibiotics through farmed animals.

80% of antibiotics go into farmed animals and that causes a real risk of bacterial infection that gets out of control and antibiotics don't work

   -Jim Mellon-

    Businessman and philanthropist

He argues that growing meat in laboratories would have a radical impact on climate change as currently, 14.5 to 18% of all the global emissions that cause global warming come from intensive animal farming.

Mellon is convinced that today's agriculture is going to go through a huge upheaval and he even predicts that traditional milk farming will disappear entirely because "it's an industry that's in terminal decline".