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Best Places To Live On A $50k Salary In Every State

•, by Tyler Durden

With inflation soaring and millions of people left in the dust as the rich get richer, GOBankingRates has compiled the best places to live comfortably on a $50,000 salary.

These days, it makes no sense for the working poor to live in big cities where living costs are skyrocketing, and their insurmountable debts continue to pile up. The best thing one can do, for the own sanity and health, is to move to an area where they can afford to live and save money.  

GOBankingRates compiled places in each state where someone earning $50,000 a year could live comfortably. 

The study identified towns with at least 5,000 households and a median income between $45,000 and $50,000 a year using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, then looked at the basic cost of living as sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The city with the most left over from $50,000 after covering expenses in each state was selected. For Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and North Dakota, income restrictions were relaxed.

Here's a partial list of cities in each state that a person making just $50,000 per year can live comfortably and save money:

Montgomery, Alabama

Median income: $48,011

Total annual necessities: $20,775

Amount (from $50,000) left over after annual necessities: $29,225

Fairbanks, Alaska

Median income: $62,602

Total annual necessities: $30,786

Amount (from $50,000) left over after annual necessities: $19,214

Kingman, Arizona

Median income: $49,029

Total annual necessities: $23,723

Amount (from $50,000) left over after annual necessities: $26,277

Paragould, Arkansas

Median income: $45,841

Total annual necessities: $20,140

Amount (from $50,000) left over after annual necessities: $29,860