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Shamefully Using "Property Rights" as an Excuse for Face Mask Cowardice

• By Allan Stevo

Don't private organizations have a right to discriminate? 

 You also wrote "Your organization has been discriminatory against employees who have an  inability to safely wear a face mask."

 No one is compelled to work at Trader Joe's.

 -The Masked Man 




Dear Masked Man, 


Thank you for the opportunity to address this. It would not be the first time I have received this critique. 

 I am, in fact, working on a lengthier piece currently to exhaustively address this topic in which property rights are argued to discourage communication. That is the fundamental criticism I've been able to identify at the heart of claims that libertarians, conservatives, free market types, and other advocates of freedom only have two ethical options in the face of mask mandates or other health mandates at businesses: 1.) Grin and bear it or 2.) Walk away quietly.