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Exposing the fraud that is Impossible Foods

•, by Cassie B.

Whether it's family members, friends or celebrities on social media, you don't have to search very hard to find someone who is enthusiastic about these flavorful patties. But are they really as good for your body and the planet as proponents claim?

The answer, in short, is no, and there are several reasons why this isn't the earth-saving solution to burger cravings so many people seem to want to believe it is. One of the biggest counts against it is its use of genetically engineered soy. The company's CEO claims using this soy is just part of their "commitment to consumers and our planet" – but just what are they committed to?

Scientists have been warning that the planet is approaching an era of massive extinction, and the pesticides and farming practices associated with genetically engineered crops like the soy used in these burgers is at the heart of the problem.