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The DOGE Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

• by Mark Jeftovic

We've been proponents of the crypto-economy for a long time, from being the first ICANN registrar to accept Bitcoin as a payment, the first DNS provider to enable Ethereum Name Service (ENS) linking to .xyz domains, and we were keeping Bitcoin on our balance sheet before it was cool. We're probably still the only tech company that has both crypto currencies and precious metals on our balance sheet. (I don't mind looking crazy, but I rather do enjoy being solvent).

A few weeks ago, we announced we were adding DOGE as a payment method. We hoped this would be another of the crypto-themed japes we've pulled over the years, including such favourites as "Pay with Bitcoin or the Dog Gets It" and our now legendary doxxing of Satoshi Nakamoto. In other words, it was supposed to be a joke.

Since then we got a fair amount of social media lols, incessant @easydns on twitter, and more than a few people asking us how many retweets will it take to get easyDNS to add [ insert sh*tcoin ] support?"

The entire mania around Doge took a turn for the weird when Elon Musk decided to drop Bitcoin payments at Tesla for embarrassingly uninformed ideological reasons, and threw his weight fully behind Dogecoin (apparently he has been involved to one extent or another since 2019)