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THIS IS THE RESET! - Runaway Inflation Is IMMINENT! - Economic Collapse CANNOT Be Stopped!

• WAM - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchute

Josh Sigurdson reports alongside Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor on the shocking inflation numbers which even people like Warren Buffett are speaking out on. 

The Federal Reserve claims that inflation is staying steady and that there are no problems. Meanwhile, the price of everything is skyrocketing. Even Warren Buffett has rang the alarm bells regarding the massive level of printing we've seen in this last year which is without a doubt unprecedented in American history. 25% of all money ever printed was printed in the past year.

Inflation is the number one problem most people face. Team that with social credit scores and more and you end up with an absolute catastrophe.

Inflation is being brought up on S&P500 earnings calls 300% more than last year.

When we see runaway inflation, we will see an absolute collapse and a massive powershift away from the world reserve currency, the US dollar.