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Solar-powered off-road teardrop trades propane for electric camping

•, By C.C. Weiss

We've already seen a few all-electric caravans on the global market, and startup Colorado Campworks presents one of the first electric production trailers we've seen in the US. Its NS-1 isn't just any camping trailer, either — it's an off-road adventure teardrop built to wander well off the grid while relying solely on electric power once there, no need for LPG. Available options let buyers upgrade it into a four-season, gourmet-grade glamping trailer for digital nomads.

The 12.7-foot (3.9-m) Colorado Campworks NS-1 (Nomadic Systems 1, interchangeably called the "Nomad") had its beginnings as founder Thomas Hoffmann's senior design project at the University of Colorado. It earned high marks from the professor and school at large, but as with many ideas birthed behind the bright, wide eyes of design school students, it didn't immediately translate into a business. It did, however, land Hoffmann an enviable job at the most famous overland camper builder on Colorado's Front Range: EarthRoamer.

The NS-1 was back-burnered but not forgotten, and in late 2019, Hoffman and a team of associates pulled it off the shelf, blew the dust off and founded Colorado Campworks with the goal of bringing that original ski-bumming teardrop to life as a modern overland trailer.

It's quite easy these days for overland teardrops to find themselves in me-too territory, bringing little more to the table than lovable nostalgic looks and compelling photographic promises of idyllic escapes. Campworks avoids that trap by giving its off-road teardrop an interesting point of distinction: an all-electric architecture without so much as a 16-oz green bottle's worth of LPG.

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