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Online Retail Giant Rakuten Allows People to Load Payment App With Cryptocurrencies

•, by Jamie Redman

In order to commemorate the latest crypto service, Rakuten is also offering bonus points to people leveraging "Rakuten Cash" via crypto assets.

Crypto Can Pay for Rakuten Goods and Services, Alongside Mister Donut, Familymart, and McDonald's
The massive Japanese electronic commerce and online retail company based in Tokyo is now allowing crypto users to leverage the company's Rakuten Pay service in order to load up on Rakuten Cash. The payment service with crypto asset support provides clients with access to a wide range of Rakuten's services and products including the firm's travel services, Kobo e-books, and mobile.

Moreover, users can load their Rakuten app with BCHBTC, or ETH in order to purchase items at Familymart, McDonald's, 7-11, and Mister Donut to name a few. Digital currency proponents, particularly from Japan, we're extremely happy about Rakuten's new crypto support.

"This news is huge for Japan," explained one individual on Twitter. "You can now pay at McDonald's and 711 and perhaps hundreds of thousands of other stores with Crypto."

Rakuten's announcement details that crypto users can also top up funds with digital assets via their Rakuten Cash-buying function. However, users need to also leverage Rakuten's crypto wallet in order to access Rakuten Cash via digital currencies. Moreover, the company is offering a bonus point gift to customers using the Rakuten Cash-buying function with cryptocurrencies.