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Yesterday, YouTube – which is an adjunct of the Google cartel – flagged me for Wrongthink and pulled a short video I had published just a few hours after I uploaded it, along with my latest Diaper Report. (I have reloaded the video on Rumble; it can be viewed here.)

Did the video contain profanity? Threats or intimations of violence? Nope to both.

But it did contain questioning words against the One True Faith. I related an encounter I had with a nice woman at the supermarket who told me how happy she was to see my face – which she could because I am an apostate and a heretic who shows it everywhere I go. I have never and never will adopt the vestments of a Faith I do not subscribe to. I won't wear a Face Burqa anymore than I would wear the other kind of Burqa.

But we live under Sharia law and to not show respect for the Faith is a punishable offense – the punishment ranging from exclusion from commerce to arrest to what happened to me, which is a kind of online excommunication. The video was "flagged" and removed from sight on account of "violation of YouTube's Terms of Service" – which has no specific meaning that can be divined but whose functional meaning everyone understands:

You will not take issue with our Faith. 

This is what happens when religion takes over public debate. The Faithful do not want a debate. They want subordination to the Faith. You must beeelieve – and if you do not then that is a problem.

It is ok to beeelieve in violence, by the way – provided it is directed at Unbelievers. Had I posted a video denouncing the UnFaithful, those recklessly Unburqa'd heretics who refuse to pretend they are sick and spreading a sickness they haven't got – and suggested that perhaps the time had come to do more than just kick them out of the store, my video would likely still be up.

Extremism is acceptable – when it is in defense of the One True Faith.

But the gentlest questioning  – viz, what was done to Ron Paul, the gentlest heretic there is – is met with ferocious extremism.

These people are more dangerous than sleeping with Kraits – and they have just been empowered. Or will be, in a few days from now. It is extremely worrisome. One can hear the flames licking at the books tossed onto the pile – though the Internet-age equivalent will make no noise at all. There will instead be the silence of the closed mind, the echo of emptiness.

All will be uniform – and quiet.

Or else.