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WEBB: Ending 'Endless Wars' Could Cement Trump's Foreign Policy Legacy

•,, James Webb

From Afghanistan to Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya and beyond, the U.S. has been estimated to be participating in anywhere from seven to over 100 different wars since 2001.

It can be argued the president's stance on curtailing our involvement overseas was a major catalyst for his election in 2016, and something the American people deemed to be of utmost importance. It is true that Trump has not actually ended any wars during his term. However, he is the first U.S. president in decades not to start a new one and the agreement his administration signed with the Taliban earlier this year put the United States on the path to end its longest war.

Using his remaining time in office to withdraw U.S. forces from places such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan would do much to cement his foreign policy legacy. More importantly, it is needed because an increasingly impotent Congress has failed to fulfill its role in matters of war and peace.

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