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Blue Wave Crashes: Democrats' Hopes For Senate Majority Fizzle; House Margin Eroded

• Zero Hedge

While 8 states (per the NYT) are still waiting on final vote counts in the presidential race, it's already clear that Tuesday was not the blowout Democratic victory that Nate Silver and a legion of other idiot pundits had expected.

Despite the legion of celebrities and models urging their followers to 'get out and vote' by posting selfies with their 'I voted' stickers and/or (in one notorious campaign) posing nude for risque adverts (oh to have been a fly on the wall during that pitch meeting), all the 'vote now' merch in the world couldn't deliver the Senate Majority that Wall Street had pinned its hopes of a sweeping stimulus deal upon.

To be sure, the Dems managed to flip a couple of high-profile seats; but the majority of "threatened" Republican Senators (and remember, there were a lot of them) managed to fend off deep-pocketed Democratic rivals.