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Ron Paul's Gift of Wisdom

• By Ira Katz

This little gem is truely Ron Paul's gift of wisdom to the world. Of course, he is well known to LRC readers as a man of great experience, learning, and judgement. In this book he reflects on the state of the United States in these difficult times. He uses the legend of Dr. Faustus (maybe we should insert Dr. Fauci?) and his pact with the devil as a foil to our moral decline due to our pact with the Federal Reserve and its fiat money. Listed below are my selection of highlights that strike at the heart of our dilemma.

(pg16) Our Founders warned us that without a moral society liberty is unworkable. Though perfection is not achievable, liberty's basic concept must be understood and accepted by the thought-leaders of society for it to succeed. Simply put, for a free society to exist, the government must protect the right of all persons to life, liberty, and property, and reject aggression as a tool for molding social and economic conciditions. The mess in which we today find ourselves has resulted from the majority of the people refusing to accept this basic rule of decency and honor.