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Paul Craig Roberts: Life Within The Matrix Is Our Future

•, by Paul Craig Roberts

We get a lot of misinformation from health practioners, because they get the bogus information from health authorities and from researchers associated with Big Pharma.  But why do health authorities themselves lie to us?

Take the issue of masks.  The masks being worn by the vast majority of the world population, including health care providers, cannot prevent the inhalation and exhalation of bacteria and viruses.  If a person wearing one of these masks is sick with a cold, flu, or Covid, the mask can prevent the person from sneezing and coughing on others, countertops, and fresh produce.  But the masks cannot prevent the wearer from breathing in and exhaling out Covid, which is airborn and aerosol spread.  The only people who should be wearing one of these masks are people who are out in public areas coughing and sneezing among other people.  To avoid the spread of the virus, infected people should stay at home.

If the masks people are wearing protected against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, there would be no point in N95 and higher rated masks.  Medical authorities know this, so why are people told, indeed forced, to wear ineffectual masks?

This is an especially troubling question when experts unaffiliated with Big Pharma tell us that wearing a mask is dangerous as it reduces oxygen intake and increases CO 2 intake. This expert tells us that wearing a mask causes brain damage that cannot be reversed. Why do health authorities want to stunt children's development and increase dementia among the elderly? This doctor tells us that mask wearing is increasing bacterial pneumonias.