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As the CHICOMS Move to Establish Dominance over Canada, Mexico and the United States...

•, Dave Hodges

In fact, in previous podcasts, I have called for a breaking off of relations with China and Trump should establish impose a tax on all Canadian goods entering the country. 

Cannuckastan, formerly known as Canada is playing host to Middle East terrorists on the east-end of the country. On the west-end of the country, it seems like, to many locals, that Vancouver and the rest of British Colombia (BC) are being overrun with the CHICOM military as they sit poised to enter the United States as well as CHICOMS on our southern border.

On The Common Sense Show.TV, I recently interviewed Pastor Sam Honnold, who lives in Mexico and describes how the CHICOMS destabilizing the Mexican states on the border. And who is destabilizing these territories in an attempt to start a Mexican Civil War, it is none other than the CHICOMS who are using mechanized cartel units to accomplish this destabilizing goal. The cartels are being supplied by China. Why? They are trying to overthrow AMLO for supporting Trump and trying to limit CHICOM influence to house anymore Chinese troops as a prelude to invasion.