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Arranged Marriage: Bahrain and Israel's Peculiar 'Peace'

• by Maj Danny Sjursen

When both deals are sealed, Abu Dhabi and Manama will be the third and fourth Arab countries to officially recognize Israel. Only don't be too impressed.

Bahrain is basically a stationary Saudi aircraft carrier floating in the Persian Gulf. Riyadh's princely landlords run it like rentier-racketeers: subletting sections to the infidel American Navy's Fifth Fleet (whose website boasts of its "147 tenant [sub]commands"). Cramped below Bahrain's decks – fittingly, in the world's sixth-most densely-populated country – are its majority of second-class Shia citizens, ordered around from above by their Saudi-bribed Sunni betters. Down in the boiler room, one supposes, are its fully 45 percent of non-national (mostly South Asian), residents – who do most of the menial labor and often smacked-around for their troubles.

It's a peculiar place from which to launch phase two of first-son-in-law Jared Kushner's regional tranquility initiative. Yet now Americans are supposed to believe that President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize based upon the combined weight of this past week's deal and a similar agreement brokered with the UAE last month. Fox News host Laura Ingraham says "It's obvious that Trump should get" one. Sorry, Laura: That's some Bahraini bunk!

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