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Yes, Coronavirus tracking was installed on your phone. No, it's not doing anything (just yet)


Seemingly overnight, millions of phones around the world got a feature to help track and slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

Google and Apple partnered on the system, which is technically called "contact tracing" but goes by the less intimidating "exposure notification."

The framework uses Bluetooth and random numbers to keep track of the phones you come into contact with. Then, when someone tells the system they've been infected, it will alert all of the phones that they came into contact with.

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The system doesn't track location or identities and experts agree it does a great deal to protect individual privacy. Still, the system isn't getting much traction and that's probably due to privacy concerns.

"People are pretty suspect, understandably," explained Mike Feibus, a tech analyst in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over Skype, Feibus explained to me that he believes consumers began to trust big tech less after Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

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