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Belarus: Where a 'Dictator' is Condemned by Those Who Supported Lockdowns in Their Own Count

•, by Neil Clark

What do you think about a policeman smashing a woman's car window and dragging her out of her car to be arrested after attending a meeting protesting the state's imposition of a draconian curfew and the curtailing of other civil liberties?

Pretty appalling, huh? But you probably haven't heard too much about it because it happened in "democratic" Australia, in Melbourne, under "Coronavirus lockdown", and not Belarus, whose President, Alexander Lukashenko is the latest non-globalist approved leader to receive the 'World's worst dictator' mantle.

Belarus didn't have a lockdown. It didn't impose "Covid curfews". It didn't make wearing face masks mandatory. In fact, Lukashenko actually claimed in June that his country had come under great pressure from international lenders, including the IMF to "do an Italy" and introduce "quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew" - pressure which he rejected.

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