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Donald Trump Promises More 'Merit' Immigration and DACA Plan


But then Trump used his speech to promise he would expand white-collar "merit" migration into the jobs needed by unemployed, swing-voting college graduates.

Joe Biden would "vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States," Trump said, adding:

So they want a lot of people come in with low skills … Think of that: Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States.  These are the things that are in the plan. This is Biden. Biden has gone radical left. Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent. Huh. That's a lot.

"Every person from South America is going to pour in and every person from other countries, they're going to be pouring in," he said.

But Trump then said he would shift immigration rules to favor the inflow of higher-skilled, white-collar migrants, despite the massive unemployment numbers in the American middle-class. He said:

In the not-too-distant future, pretty soon I'm going to be signing a new immigration action — very, very big merit-based immigration action … it's going to be based on merit. It's going to be very strong.