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"Occupy Peace & Restore Freedom" 4th of July Rally w/ Gerald Celente - Live Streamed

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KINGSTON, NY, 1 July 2020—On the 4th of July, in Colonial Kingston, NY, at the most Historic Four Corners in America, where the seeds of Democracy were sown, we will rally to Unite for Peace and to Restore Freedom.
The nation is locked down in fear by politicians who, by Executive Order – not laws – have imposed draconian rules that have destroyed millions of businesses and lives.
The Rally is to celebrate the true meaning of the American spirit of Liberty, Love, Joy and Beauty… and that All People are Created Equal.
Among the keynote speakers are Judge Andrew Napolitano (Senior Legal Analyst), Gerald Celente (Founder of Occupy Peace and Publisher of the Trends Journal), and others to be soon announced.
The World Peace Sanctuary, an NGO of the United Nations, will be opening the Rally with a special "Peace Flag" ceremony.
This is more than just a one-day rally: we are devising an action plan to restore our rights that have been taken away from us.
The event will be held in The Crown Garden at Crown and John Streets, and it will be live-streamed on the Occupy Peace YouTube and Facebook channels.

The Live Stream of the Rally will begin at 3:15p EST on Saturday, July 4th.

Watch on Gerald Celente's YouTube Channel HERE

Watch on Gerald Celente's FaceBook Channel HERE

And should you desire to help create a future of Peace and Freedom, please donate to Occupy Peace

Best wishes for a Happy Independence Day, and thank you so much for your support.

Gerald Celente and the Trends Journal Team

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