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Belarus - A US Sponsored Color Revolution Is Underway

•, Moon of Alabama

But now the CIA and its assortment of supporting organizations seems to have run out of color choices. How else can one explain that their latest attempt in Belarus is called a "slipper revolution".

No, the Guardian, which published the 'Slipper  revolution' headline today but later changed it, did not come up with that stupid moniker by itself.

The U.S. State Department funded TV station was the first to mention slippers in a picture caption on May 31.

On June 6 the U.S. government funded RFE/RL was the first to use it in a headline.

Yesterday the U.S. government and NATO funded Atlantic Council mentioned slippers in a Belarus piece. The Washington DC based and funded Center for European Policy Analysis avoided the 'slippers' but its yesterday published piece on Belarus covers the same ground.

When these western government funded organizations and media come up with explainer pieces about one not yet westernized country at the very same time one can be sure that something is up. Someone has obviously briefed these folks.

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