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School teacher, 23, who suffered chronic acne for years reveals the toll it took on her mentally...

•, By Carina Stathis

The 23-year-old school teacher from Sydney told FEMAIL she was suffering from cystic acne but over the past two years has used Chinese herbal medicine and other natural remedies to clear up her complexion. 

'I started taking a brand called Zilch, which helped heal my cystic acne within weeks, but I also looked at the foods I was eating, how much sleep I was getting each night, exercising to increase blood circulation, stress levels and skincare,' she said.

'I tried taking prescribed antibiotics and birth control pills when I was younger, but this only helped as a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution,' she said.

When asked how acne has previously impacted her self confidence, Liz said in high school she was infatuated with her self image and often compared herself to other girls.