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Chernobyl Radiation Levels Suddenly Surge 17x

•, Tyler Durden

More than 100 firefighters, several Antonov AN-32P Firekiller air tankers, and a Mil Mi-8 helicopter were dispatched near the village of Vladimirovka to fight the fire. Ukrainian emergency services said firefighters battled the blaze over the weekend and wrapped up operations by Monday.

VIDEO: A forest fire is underway in the restricted zone around Chernobyl, scene of the world's worst nuclear accident, but Ukrainian government agencies have denied an official's claim that the fire caused a spike in radiation levels

"There is bad news - radiation is above normal in the center of the fire," ecological inspection chief Yegor Firsov wrote in a Facebook post alongside a video of a Geiger counter. "As you see on the video, the appliance indicators are 2,3 at ok 0,14. But such a situation is only in the fire."