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Congress Proposes 50% Tax On Guns & Ammo In The US

•, by Simon Black

Last week we highlighted how Brazil's president claimed Brazilians don't get sick.

Unfortunately for President Bolsonaro, his driver is now in the hospital, sick, being tested for Covid-19.

But Bolsonaro is undeterred, still not worried about the threat of Covid-19 to Brazilians.

So smaller regional "authorities" are taking the matters into their own hands.

And by 'authorities' I mean street gangs and drug cartels.

Irritated by their President's incompetence, various gangs are enforcing lockdowns and social distancing in their neighborhoods. Some are also forcing some businesses to reduce their operating hours.

Rules include an 8pm curfew, no large gatherings, and basic hygiene. A gang near the Christ the Redeemer statue is even distributing soap and demanding anyone entering the favela wash their hands.

I guess sometimes the line between gangs and governments is hard to distinguish.

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