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The US And Britain Are Now Getting a Tragic Sample of The Weapons It Unleshed Against Iran

•, By Eric S. Margolis

They are also getting a grim foretaste of what biological warfare would be like.  Those not cowering in terror in their homes would likely be amazed to learn that some of their governments are still churning out highly toxic chemical and biological agents in hidden factories.

But surely our lily white democracies don't stoop to making poison gas and germs?

Back in 1990-91, I was based in Baghdad covering the first of the Gulf Wars.  The US was threatening to attack Iraq for daring to invade oil-rich Kuwait, which used to be part of Iraq until 'detached' by the British Empire.  At the same time, the eight-year Iran-Iraq War had just ended in a bloody stalemate.  The US and Britain had pressed Saddam Hussein's Iraq to invade Iran, seize its oil wealthy and overthrow the Islamic government in Tehran.