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Archivists Are Saving the History of Internet Piracy

• by Karl Bode

An ongoing project to catalog the history of piracy has just topped the 300 gigabyte mark, with a goal of offering a searchable index of more than 5 terabytes of piracy-related metadata once complete. It is now the largest searchable index of piracy metadata in the history of the internet.

The "warez" scene is an old as the internet itself. From the earliest days of BBS (bulletin board systems) to the rise of BitTorrent, the piracy community is as vibrant as any on the internet.

From the ASCII and other art included in the .nfo files that accompany group releases, to piracy group logos and brands, there's decades of residual data documenting the rise and fall of an ocean of different groups and subcultures that might otherwise be lost to the sands of time.