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What Zagmuk Means to Me

•, by L. Neil Smith

Looked at another way, there inevitably comes a point in the calendar of every temperate-zone culture—it probably started with our cousins the Neanderthals—where people finally exclaim, "I'm sick and tired of this cold, dark, wet, barren winter! It's time for some color, light, and warmth! And to share what we labored all year to produce with those we care most about!" Overpaid pundits online, on television, and in newspapers today maunder endlessly over the "commercialization of Christmas" but it's actually the perfect capitalist holiday.

Celebrating the triumph of Reason is a pretty good idea, too. What would a civilization be like, completely stripped of Reason? It would be the Democrat Party, that Stalinist institution where Marxist surrealism rules the day and the light of Reason—or of the Constitution, for that matter—is never permitted to shine.