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Is Pelosi Rushing Impeachment Because Dems Know They Have Failed?

• by Tyler Durden

By now, the message is clear: The Dems took a gamble on impeachment, and lost. Now, Pelosi is apparently going about clearing the decks so she can get on with her next piece of business: Blaming 'the squad' and AOC for the impeachment fiasco while hoping that throwing the progressives under the bus is enough to protect the dozens of moderate Dems in swing-district seats who delivered the Dems their majority in 2018.

Despite having their press credentials revoked by President Trump, Bloomberg's Washington bureau still apparently has its finger on the pulse of what's happening in the capital, and its reporters claim that the articles of impeachment could be finished by next Thursday, opening the door to a vote on impeachment the following week before Congress breaks for the holiday.

Though members of the Judiciary Committee are still debating what to include in the impeachment, BBG says they could begin voting on specific articles as soon as Thursday, citing officials familiar with the chairman's thinking.

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