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Tesla Pickup Truck Makes World Debut: Cybertruck Blocks Bullets

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The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here.

Tesla just revealed it's shocking electric pickup truck to the world and we now know some official details, including specs, pricing, range and more.

To say that the Tesla truck was highly anticipated is perhaps the biggest understatement ever. When Elon Musk first suggested Tesla would do a truck, the long wait for the grand reveal began. That wait is now over and the moment of truth has arrived.

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With the introduction of a truck, Tesla now covers (once the Tesla Model Y and Roadster officially launch) most of the major segments for vehicles. The Model S (large sedan), Model 3 (compact to midsize sedan), Model X (large SUV), Model Y (crossover) Roadster (supercar) and now the truck make for a rather solid lineup of EVs that should satisfy quite a large chunk of the buying public.

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