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In The Showdown Ahead Between Patriots And Globalists, Don't Expect The Military,

• By William B. Stoecker

Some of the same people who have been breathlessly informing us that sealed indictments on leftist traitors in the Deep State would soon be opened and that the Witch Hillary and her comrades would soon be arrested also believe that the US military will defend Trump and our former Constitution (after all, they took an oath to defend it when they entered the service). Let's not be so sure of that.

Throughout our history we have gone back and forth regarding our defense establishment, sometimes holding soldiers in contempt, and other times practically worshipping them. It is now customary to say to soldiers, airman, sailors, and Marines "Thank you for your service" and to believe that they are somehow fighting for our freedom. I've even had people thank me for my "service," even though I was never sent to Vietnam.

Enough, already. They are fighting in pointless wars that do nothing to enhance our security or our freedom, and the same mighty warrior neocons who have sent our troops to die or be maimed for life in countries most Americans cannot find on a map are the ones helping the Demoncraps to erase our few remaining freedoms.