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Hong Kong Protester Falls to His Death After Police Confrontation


A 22-year-old Hong Kong protester fell from the third story of a parking garage Monday during a confrontation with the police. Today, after several days in a coma, he died as a result of his injuries.

The protester, Chow Tsz-lok, was a computer science student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Reports of the circumstances surrounding the death contain many discrepancies. Some witnesses claim he fell trying to get away from tear gas, while others claim there was almost no tear gas in the garage. Hong Kong officials have made contradictory statements about whether police were in the parking garage at the time of the incident, and some protesters have claimed that first responders were blocked from getting to the scene. Other reports claim it took emergency vehicles 20 minutes to get to the site of the accident.

The New York Times reports that "video from i-Cable News, a Hong Kong broadcaster, showed the police firing rounds of tear gas up into an elevated parking garage from which protesters had thrown traffic cones down." No surveillance footage captured the circumstances of Chow's death.