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Maersk puts a giant battery on a container ship to improve efficiency

• By Aaron Turpen

The Cape Town, built in 2011, is flagged from Singapore and carries cargo between West Africa and East Asia. The battery will be installed on the ship in December 2019 and its first voyage with the new technology will happen early in 2020. The battery module was designed to take the place of a cargo container on the ship and can be charged in port, will take charge from the ship's generator, and from the Cape Town's waste heat recovery system. The lattermost system is in place on most Maersk ships and recharges the ship's batteries by using the heat created by engine exhaust to create electrical power.

The battery itself will be used in several ways to reduce emissions and improve efficiency on the Cape Town. It will reduce the load on the Cape Town's generator, will add power during peak load requirements and will reduce the need to run the generator during low-load times.