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SHOCKER: New "KraveBurger" contains cells from monkey kidneys, infected pigs and--

• by S D Wells

Tens of millions of Americans put 100 percent faith in medical doctors, modern medicine and all the advice that comes with the Allopathic style of treating symptoms. The same goes for their faith in popular brands of food. Consumers assume the FDA would not allow companies and corporations to put dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and known carcinogens in the staple food supply, like bread, meat, and milk, but oh – the big surprises.

Most consumers who are in good health now are that way because they're savvy at weeding out the food chemicals from their daily intake. Ask any vegan if they would eat something that contains cells from a monkey kidney or a human abortion and they'll say hell no.

Vaccines aren't vegan, vegetarian or even Kosher

Still, many consumers have no clue at all that those ingredients corrupt most of today's vaccines. Vaccines aren't vegan, vegetarian, or Kosher. Vaccines aren't proven to work. They're not even proven safe. There are no independent tests run on vaccines or their efficacy. The CDC wouldn't allow or acknowledge them if they were.