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Having a Problem With FaceBook? 75% of US-Based FaceBook Employees Have No Idea What ...


75% of Tech Employees in The Silicon Valley Are Hindu (from India) and Muslim (from Pakistan, Bengladesh) Foreign Workers Brought In By Obama Under The H-1B Program. They Come From Places That have NEVER Even Heard of, much less are accustomed to, the Ideas Laid Down For Americans By Our forefathers In The US Constitution…

No wonder they cut off Judeo/Christian Americans from Social Media so easily…

Opinion by "Deplorable" Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We, here in the English speaking world tend to forget that our system of laws is NOT duplicated throughout Planet Earth.  MOST of the world has NOTHING like the laws, and the idea of laws and rights laid down by the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights…

We ALL need to remember that unapologetic globalist Barack Hussein Obama once said that the US Constitution "was just a piece of paper…"

His "constitutional deep flaws," I think, apparently were the "Rights of Americans…"

We cannot just rest easily with the knowledge that Obama is gone from the political scene.  He, and his bag of maladroits left a toxic residue.  The H-1B program was one of those toxic pits.  The tech/social media industry wasn't the only place those subversive people were placed – ask ANYONE who had to deal with Obama's EPA.

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