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3 Compelling Reasons Preppers Should Buy a Patch of Land


Hello there, fellows. I wanted to resume some thoughts that had been going around in my mind these last few days. Looking for some way to give myself a break and work in something that could benefit me enough for early retirement while I was still "young" and handsome, I decided to invest wisely, and I think it resulted more or less adequate.

A couple of land patches here and there, with a good eye, and the properties will have some real value in the near future. Even if I never see them flourish, my descendants will enjoy that his folk had some vision. Not too common in Venezuelans though.

Among the most evident advantages, I came out with the following as the most important.

You will have a place to live.

No matter what happens, if you plan it with some vision and work with your hands, over a good period of time, you will have a roof over your head in case tide goes against you. Your family will be protected. Summarizing, all the consequences of being homeless are avoided. This can be extremely important. It´s no big deal if this house is much smaller, or not as fancy, or it´s not even partially built or does not have the bathroom finishing you dream about. The idea is a secondary place where you can get into, located in a secure environment, stocked with supplies, preferably. In our particular situation, I was lucky enough to buy a small plot next to a place where my family already owned a small cottage. Therefore, the land extension was almost doubled. It´s a place where the rainy season is good, and in the dry season, is not as dry as some other places in the flatlands. The bad news is, our fruit tree garden is quite old and needs renovation, and our cabin needs new roofing. This means money, money that it´s hard to get being a migrant. We´re waiting to come back in a few months, but that´s something that will need planning, resources, and some special conditions.

The scenario we prepped for was not the one we got. It was FAR much worst. I believe I commented this already enough in previous articles. You just can´t prep for your worst nightmare. You won´t have time, and unless you are one of those Silicon Valley masterminds and/or have money to spare, it´s unlikely that you will make it. The best approach is to select wisely, and with your objectives clear. In your retreat or BOL you can store some clothes in good shape. You could save some non-perishable items and materials you could need in the future. You will have some extra space, but don´t waste it. It is going to be a LOT of work, but you will enjoy it. It doesn´t matter if it is a cabin by a lake, or in the middle in the mountains, or wherever you like. Just make sure it´s close to a water source, or provide it. I believe this talks by itself.

Please, take note of this, because it´s based on my experience. Don´t waste the most valuable resource you have: Time. Don´t overthink on it. Just go and find a place. Don´t rush, but don´t stop working on it. I can see now how lucky I was to have found this sort of organized communities. Most of the people I know never thought for prepping: they wanted financial independence solely. Had they collected the prepping gear and my approach, they would have lots of comforts that they don´t have now. Electricity, clean water, and other basic stuff. The economy went to hell, and now they´re praying for miracles to make the ends meet.

In my particular situation, we left mainly because of my ex´s family was already abroad. Not because I wanted to leave. Had we split with me being there and no kids in the middle, I would be in my homeland. I know, maybe I would be dead, with a shot in the head. Or maybe I would be living peacefully in my cottage listening to the wind in the trees, and waking up early to roam into the tropical forest, much healthier than I am now. We all know how hard is to have someone who depends entirely on us.  Providing them with someplace to go if things go bad, is invaluable.

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