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The 'Beginning Of The End'

• By William B. Stoecker

Since our beginning with the Revolutionary War, America has been at war almost non-stop, counting the Indian wars of past centuries and innumerable almost forgotten foreign misadventures, like our invasion of Russia at the end of WWII at Archangel and Vladivostok for no clear purpose and with no plan, or our war in the Philippines following our Spanish American War. The Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, and our fighting against Filipino rebels were clearly wars of conquest, the beginnings of our AmericanEmpire that has replaced our Republic. 

The death toll for us, without even considering the soldiers who were wounded and often left permanently maimed, or the deaths of civilians, is considerable. Looking just at some of our more recent wars, 2,446 Americans died stealing Spain's territories, and 4,196 more fighting the Filipino rebels. The toll for WWI was 116,516; WWII cost 405,399; Korea killed 36,516 of our best; Vietnam wasted 58,209 more; the Gulf war ended 294 American lives; our conquest of Iraq cost us 4,497, and the eternal and pointless Afghan War has killed 2,216 more. This is without even counting our misadventures in Lebanon and Somalia, or Slick Willy's attacks on the Christian Serbs, who had been our allies in WWII, or the invasions of Grenada and Panama. 

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