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Media Interviews Inside Tesla Gigafactory 3 Offices For First Time


We've been following the progress on the outside of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China since the beginning. Construction has been incredibly quick for sure. More recently we began to see the progress inside and learned that employees have been hired and will start work in the coming days.

Some video and image shares assumed details pertaining to inside construction based on what was able to be seen through windows, etc. Later, images and video surfaced from inside the factory floor. However, there hasn't been any indication of what's happening in areas like offices.

Now, the Chinese media have finally been allowed into the structure to conduct some interviews. As you can clearly see, the offices and workspaces shown appear to be 100 percent complete. If you didn't know it, you might think this is footage from a building that's finished.

Obviously, there has been plenty of work behind the scenes to get these areas completed early on. Sure, Tesla could have simply focused on finishing all of the external work and the factory areas, while utilizing mobile, remote, or temporary office space. However, instead, it put effort into getting workspaces ready for current and upcoming employees.

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