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Sex Workers at 'World's Largest Brothel' Reportedly Divided Over 'Humanoid Machines*


With more and more lonely people turning to increasingly sophisticated sex dolls for companionship, some employees at Sheri's Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, now argue that this particular fetish might be good for their trade.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Lily Lovecraft, a courtesan at the establishment touted by the newspaper as the "world's largest brothel", described the possibility of catering to the needs of "robot fetishists who have been waiting a lifetime for sexbots to be available" as "terrific".

"The future will be an exciting time for the kink community", she said, adding that their establishment is known for "providing a nonjudgmental community with regard to all fetishes and erotic proclivities". "[This means we can add] technosexuality, a desire to have sex with humanoid machines, to the list of fetishes we offer would be a natural progression in my opinion".