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Game Of Crypto-Thrones

•, by Alena Nariniani

Here is what came out of it.

State governments and other regulatory agencies?—?House Lannister

Would eagerly take control of absolutely everything, but so far it's not quite working out. Not the type to back down either. Stubbornly trying to regulate more and more areas, they claim people user security is the key motivation behind their actions, saying that crypto regulation lays far outside of their interests since they have plenty of other matters to be taking care of (the Lannisters also frequently claim they neither need or care for King's Landing and they are content with Casterly Rock, and all they are doing is for the benefit of the people)…

The people users believe. Or pretend to be doing so. They gather into small and large groups to air their grievances, but ultimately, having discussed them, disperse. However, since the Lannisters have such valuable assets as Qyburn, a necromancer, and the Mountain, a towering brutal warrior, such gatherings are not a concern to anyone.